The Importance of Content in SEO


How can you drive traffic to your website? One way is through search engines. However, search engines pick and choose which websites get ranked on page one and which get ranked on page 30. How can you get your website on the first page? Or at least on the second page? It’s by using something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is about designing your site and content to enhance your search engine ranking.

Web sites and pages are about the sharing and publication of information. The search engines want to provide the best results for their search engine users. If you can provide quality, well-written content on your site then that’s a plus for you in the search engine rankings.

You also need regularly published content. You might want to set a goal to publish something new at least once a week. This should help keep the search engine bots returning to your website to see if you have any new articles.

Another important task you can do to help improve your standing with Google and the other search engines is to update or edit the content you’ve published in the past. Even if it’s changing just a word or two occasionally, that tells the search engines that you are at least active with your site.

One thing to remember too is that well-written, grammatically correct content can be a plus for your site. Your site might get penalized for having spelling errors and grammar problems. A good tool to use that you can install as an add-on in your Chrome browser is a service called Grammarly. Grammarly is a free writing assistant. It does not only a spell check but also catches some grammar errors and missing words. It’s worth taking five minutes to install. It might save you some embarrassment. There’s nothing worse than looking at an article you published a couple of weeks ago only to discover that you had a miss-spelled word in the title. I hope that never happens to you.

The importance of well-written and regularly published content is just one of many building blocks to successful SEO. There are well over 100 recommended SEO practices.

One final thought for you. Great content not only helps in the SEO area. If you produce content that users find useful or inspiring, you’ll not only get a boost in SEO but your content will get shared on social media and visitors to your site will be more likely to return to your site.

Happy Web building!

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