SEO business is another useful site full of free tools. They also have some paid services but they provide a good amount of free stuff for webmaster hoping to improve their site’s search engine ranking. I was looking for a Google/Yahoo webpage position checker (per keywords) and after looking through all these supposedly “free” services finally found a free one at SEO Centro. I entered my website’s domain and then a keyword phrase and like magic, it popped up the ranking for my site for that keyword. You can also enter the domain of a competitor and then you’ll be able to compare your ranking with the competition. SEO Tools does have a daily limit for free users of six submissions in a 24-hour period. But they give you access to pretty much everything for that six total submissions for the day. If you are just wondering where your website ranks in a certain Google or Yahoo search then this is the tool for you. You can use their site speed checker and they give lots of recommendations for how to make your site speedier. They have like 22 tools and resources listed on their site so give them a try.

UPDATE: Valued site visitors, it appears that SEO Centro is no longer available. We do not know why. Please check out which has similar free tools as SEO Centro.


  1. Thanks Rosita. It does look like the SEO CENTRO website is down. Could be temporary though so we’ll keep a watch out to see if it comes back up.

  2. I want to share my experience with a website that I just found on Google search, this website also provides analysis of SEO that is quite complete. This service has helped me to develop a blog that I manage for several months.
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    • Thanks for that link, Handy. I think it’s a great resource for website SEO analysis. Check it out folk and analyze your sites. It’s going to give you a great amount of information.

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