One Really No-Brainer, Easy SEO Tip

Woman with computer

There are hundreds of different SEO tips that various “experts” recommend. One of the most important tips I can think of is to make your content visible to Google’s bot. Here’s how you do that.

When Google Bot visits your site it’s not necessarily going to go through every page and make deep searches into your site. It’s going to visit the more prominent pages on your site and then the links on those pages.

What I’m saying is that if you have only four of five links on your front page to your content that’s all the bot is going to find. You’ve got to have as much as possible of your content linked from the front page. The way I did this on my site, without detracting from the appearance, was to link the 100 most recent posts down below the footer. If you use WordPress you can set up a widget for “recent posts” set it to 100 posts, save it and then you’ll have your 100 most recent posts down below your footer. You want to set this widget up so all it is is a basic text link, no images. This is because if you put images will all those 100 posts it’ll slow down your site’s loading speed, which hurts your SEO. Most of your site visitors won’t see this list of links but the Google Bot will. That’s what you want.

You can also do this for different sections of your site. For instance, I have a sports site with one main page. I also have sub-main pages for football, basketball and baseball. I could also do this on those individual team sports pages to make the posts for those sections accessible to the Google Bot.