Help With Twitter and Tweet Appearance

Twitter bird

One of the free ways you can promote your web content is using social media. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular followed by YouTube and Instagram. Social media is not only an extra tool you have to promote your content. It’s also important because Google considers social media presence in its search rankings.

The Google search bot dings your site’s ranking if no social media is connected with your site because Google believes most quality web publications have a social media presence. However, using social media can be tricky. Have you ever uploaded a story or post and then when you go to promote that story on Twitter for some reason your tweet looks like crap? Here’s how you can fix that.

Twitter provides you with a free tool to ensure that your tweet is correctly configured before you tweet it out. It’s called the Twitter Card Validator. You go to that link and paste in the URL of the content that you wish to promote. The tool will then show you how your tweet will appear on Twitter. If it doesn’t appear right the first time, try it again. Do not tweet out the content until it appears correctly on the card validator. Sometimes you do not have to do anything to get the tweet to appear correctly. It might be that there’s a glitch on Twitter at that time. Give it a couple minutes and try the validator again. If the tweet appears correctly in the validator it will likely appear correctly in the real tweet.

Another amazing tool that Twitter provides is the Tweet Deck interface. As your web publication grows you might add extra twitter accounts in order to promote your content even more. With Tweet Deck you choose one base account and then connect your other accounts into that Tweet Deck systems. Now you can post tweets instantly from multiple accounts to promote your content. You can also schedule tweets so they are spread out and appear at the best times of the day.

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