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Having trouble getting visitors to you web publication? WordStream is a tool for conducting keyword research. It’s important for you to know about keyword research because conducting proper keyword research can save you money and bring your site lots of visitors to help fatten your wallet.

WordSteam Overview

WordStream is a tool to analyze your site for possible good keyword matches. I have a fairly new website called DogsDogsDogs located at https://dogfun.us. It’s not easy to drive traffic to a new website. Sometimes you have to invest in some advertising. You can do this using Google ads or Bing ads (Now Microsoft ads).

How to use WordStream

To buy ads you have to match the ads with certain keywords that are used in searches. The more popular a keyword is the more you pay. I recently used WordStream to show me a list of keywords related to my dog lover’s website. To get free keyword analysis I utilized WordStream’s WordStream’s Keyword Analyzer. I simply entered my domain “dogfun.us”, in theb form, then entered the type industry, which is actually optional but I recommend entering it. Lastly I entered my location as “United States.”

After entering all the information I then clicked “New Search” and then a list of keywords related to my website appeared on the screen. Not only were keywords listed but also the average price per click for both Google and Bing searches are provided. This is very helpful in that you can find less expensive keywords that apply well to your site. I found some keywords that only cost one cent per click. Oh, the average number of searches per month for that keyword are also provided. So, for instance, if you see 3,000 searches a month for a certain keywords that specifically applies to your site or specific page of content on your site, you can purchase advertising to drive traffic to your site. If you purchase $20.00 worth of advertising for a certain keyword that only costs one cent per click through then you should get 2,000 visits for that 20 bucks. Hopefully those visitors will find other links of interest on your site that will help you get a little extra bang for your investment.

WordStream Review Conclusion

All in all, I think WordStream is a great free SEO tool. I actually conducted probably 7 or 8 searches in one session using their keyword tool and it didn’t appear to have any limitations. They do have a premium service they offer but they don’t force it down your throat like some other “Free” SEO online tools sometimes do.

The only gripe I have about them is the actual link structure of the URL that takes you to their site. It’s not very clean: https://app.wordstream.com/fkt/app?cid=Paid_GGL_Search_Keywords_KWTool_KWT. It’s not really that big of a problem but someone who sees that link might think I’m getting some kind of referral kickback from WordStream. That’s far from the truth. I get no monetary compensation from the Free SEO Tool reviews that I provide.

UPDATE: You can also enter a certain keyword in the same field where you enter the website address. Not both, you an enter either a web address or keyword. Entering a keyword you get you a list of keywords related to that keyword.

WordStream search results
WordStream results for dogfun.us for the industry “Toys and Games.”

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