Free SEO Tool Review: Seobility checks over 30 SEO factors

A review of Seobility's free SEO website SEO analysis tools

Search Engine Optimization

seobility logoAccording to a Whois check, seobility has been around since 2012. It’s a German owned and run site out of Bavaria, where one of my sons was born.

I ran through seobility’s seo check and got fairly extensive results, some good and some bad. After inputting my site on their SEO check page, it took about 20 seconds for the results of to be displayed in my browser.

Seobility gave results for many different SEO factors including Title, Meta description, Crawlability, Canonical URL, Language, Alternate/Hreflang Links, Other meta tags, Domain, Page URL, Charset encoding, Doctype and Favicon. This list of criteria was listed under the “Meta specifications” section.

The next section was “page quality.”  This section had items like content, frames, Mobile optimization, Bold and strong tags, Image SEO, Social Networks, Additional markup and https.  ReallyfreeSEOtools received good marks for content, image alternate text, use of bold and strong tags and the use of https for security. The report recommended we reduce our number of javascript files because they can affect load time negatively.  

The third and final section is titled “Page structure.”  This section looked at mainly header tags like your H1, H2 and so on. There’s also a short section on link structure which analyzes inbound and outbound links.

The results were listed in a neat, well-organized table.

A couple of things that was dinged for included 1) Our domain name is too long, 2) Our meta description was too short. Seobility uses pixels in place of characters as the unit of measurement to measure text length instead of characters. I guess if you use a lot of the letter “i” you get to have more letters while if you have multiples of the letter ‘W’ you’ll end up with much fewer characters for your meta description.  

The only real what the heck thing I got from this seobility SEO check of my site was that it said that although the meta properly declares the English language as the primary language used on the site, it detected the use of the Portuguese language. I looked everywhere, in comments, content and didn’t find anything that resembles the Portuguese language.

One thing I really like about seobility is that they not only let you know your website’s SEO issues, the also provide pages and pages of information on how to fix your issue detailed explanations discussion of these different SEO factors. Convenient links to these pages are provided with the issue notice in the report. They actually have a separate wiki site for SEO.

Seobility Free Tools Review conclusion

All in all, despite the language head-scratcher, this is a really good tool for web developers or if you have just one site that you want to get an idea of how you can improve that site’s SEO.

Seobility does have a premium service available but they provide a massive amount of free SEC tools and information.  I also ran four or five checks for different sites and never got anything like “create an account to do more” or Recaptcha.  It’s largely hassle-free and really free.