Free SEO Tool Review:

Search Engine Optimization has a free SEO analysis tool that tested on February 7, 2020. Like many other sites that offer tools for SEO improvement, has a free SEO analysis tool. The site looked well designed and easy to navigate. Just enter your web site address and it should only take about 3 minute to give an analysis. Well, my session took far more than 3 minutes and I never got any results. Simply a waste of time. While I’m waiting for the analysis I had like 30 of the Recaptcha puzzles to solve. They kept popping up even though I had answer the question correctly. Finally, after about 5 minutes I gave up. Maybe they are having technical problems or something. I don’t know.

UPDATE: I want to point out that even though the SEO analyzer tool on didn’t work for me this site still can be useful. It has many well-written articles about proper SEO practices.

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

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