Free SEO Tool Review: Google Mobile Friendly Test

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If you want your website to have a great search engine ranking, one of the most important SEO ranking criteria is responsiveness. You must make sure that your web page or site is presented in a usable manner on mobile devices such as cell photos, tablets and notebook.

Google has an awesome free tool for you and other web publishers to test their websites/web pages in order to ensure that they are compatible with these mobile devices. To find this tool you can go to the link below or just search google for “google mobile friendly test.” You just enter the web page’s URL and then click “Test URL” to get it running. If you are a developer you also have the option to enter code and Google will check out that for you as well.

After the test runs it will give you a heading which tells you whether or not your site is mobile friendly. It will also provide feedback for you on ways to improve your web page. The only issue I had with this great tool was the reCAPTCHA hassle. It kept popping up and making me solve more puzzles. Maybe I missed something.

Overall, this is a great totally free tool for web publishers. You know if it’s done by Google, the entity that controls most search engine rankings, it’s worth getting your attention.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

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