ExplodingTopics.com mostly free and very useful


Find out new keywords so you can implement them in your content before competitors.

ExplodingTopics.com lets you choose from one of 31 categories for a certain time frame to get a list of newer keywords that are taking off. Exploding Topics is available for free but some of their results require a premium account.

I used it to look up hot topics in the “Technology” category for the last five years. One of the Exploding topics the system displayed was “b2b seo.” When I clicked on “b2b SEO” a nicely organized page displayed a graph and other information pertaining to technology. That topic has grown by 361% over the past five years. The topic gets 480 searches per month. Interestingly, “Magnetic lashes” was another hot topic displayed in the technology category. About 150 hot topics were displayed for “Technology.”

I’d say about 15-20 percent or so of the results required a pay subscription. Once you get in the list of exploding topics, you can click on the topic keyword and get more information including a graph and a list of related topics.

Overall, I’d give this new free SEO tool an A. It could be very useful for discovering new or re-emerging hot SEO keywords and might give you an edge over your competitors.


ExplodingTopics results screen
Some of the ExplodingTopics.com results from the topic category “Technology.”