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The Importance of Content in SEO

How can you drive traffic to your website? One way is through search engines. However, search engines pick and choose which websites get ranked on page one and which get ranked on page 30. How […]

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SEO Tips

One Really No-Brainer, Easy SEO Tip

There are hundreds of different SEO tips that various “experts” recommend. One of the most important tips I can think of is to make your content visible to Google’s bot. Here’s how you do that.

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SEO Tool Reviews

The Need for Security

Haven’t made your site secure yet? You might want to get that done. It’s not required but in 2014 Google announced that the security status of a website would factor in its search engine ranking.

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SEO Tool Reviews


This is a really free SEO tool that analyzes web pages for loading speed efficiency. It does more than just give you a loading speed time though. It provides web developers with a comprehensive list […]